Saturday, 6 January 2007

New Kid on the Blog

Ahem..... Yeah, this is my first blog and though I still don't see the point, here I am typing down everything that comes to my mind, too lazy to even bother about making sense. Why am I blogging despite my 'what-a-waste-of-time' kind of attitude towards it, you might ask.. Well, it is primarily for this reason that I've started blogging. With everyone from my dhobi's son to the RJB canteen guy blogging already, my pride is at stake. I have to show that I can waste my time better than anyone else. I'm an IITian, you see, a world beater in everything that's got nothing to do with acads. With that brief (and boring?) intro, here I am, all set to step into the world of blogging............(appaluse please?!)