Wednesday, 7 July 2010


My first memory of life in Flat No. 704 is of borrowing Cousin B's camera for taking a picture of the view from my balcony. With me in the foreground, of course. As one Vincent van Gogh would concur, self-portraits are no mean task and my dozen odd attempts were all in vain, (quite like the ones I would make in the years to come) much to the umbrage of Cousin B. Those were the days of the good old Kodak film rolls, you see- digital cameras and the luxury of the delete button were still some way in the future.

In the years hence, Bangalore and Abhishek have made way for Bengaluru and Dela respectively. The population of the city has doubled and so has my weight. Even in the midst of all that, the view from my balcony is as magnificent as ever, my car-park is still the most popular cricket pitch in all of Jayanagar, my love affair with peanut butter continues and Shanti Sagar still makes the best Gobi Manchurian in the world. So much has happened over the last thirteen years. And yet, so little has changed.

The last two months have seen me bid adieu to Bahrain and Roorkee, those two wonderfully bizarre towns I called home for nine memorable years. Bidding goodbye to the lives I led there is another matter, but all in due time.

For now, I'll just look forward to Bangalore and the deluge of nostalgia and hope that comes with it.


Anunaya Jha said...

Have a great time in Bangalore. I am sure you'll be at home there too. Great luck!

PS: I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches too!

Bengalurada kanasu said...

Was just going to write on your wall, but reader said you'd posted. Call me. Or mail me your number.
You seem to've been welcomed by such wonderful weather here.
PS. IISc Ghobi Manchurian is actually better da, come here sometime. I come here everyday just to spend those 12 bucks.

Anonymous said...

Shanti Sagar and all is ok, but seriously, how could you leave out Dosa Corner in this post? Plus, if have not been there already, there is this brilliant sugarcane juice place opposite to Reliance Jewelry.

In case you are wondering how I know all this, having a brother in Bengaluru made all the difference in the world. Hope it will be the same for Jogeshwari now.

Anirudh Arun said...

Good boy, da. Now I guess I'll come and see you if and when I get a chance to go to my childhood home on Bannerghatta Rd which I still own.

Duraisingam said...

Atleast you don't have haggle with the auto-men anymore. And your teetotaling dreams are still intact.


The Decayed Canine said...

Jayanagar eh? When do we mortals make your itinerary sire? And you've been hogging a lot eh? Peanut butter? Then all is forgiven. :)

anon said...

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